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Hello dear friends Date: May 15th @ 5:57am EDT
I am very pleased that the quarantine it is almost over :D
I was thinking this weekend to enjoy a walk in the park admiring the beauty of nature letting the sun caress me with its hot rays.

What plans do you have for this weekend?

Hugs and Kisses
Slumber party fun! Date: Oct 1st @ 3:01am EDT
I don't know if you saw that i had a show with a friend of mine ClaraLewis on the 29th. We had the slumber party together, we were both in pink pj's and we had so much fun together. I have to tell you that i didn't imagine that i would have so much fun with her and i also wanted to thank all of you guys that were there and helped us with the show, specially to one of you that toke us in private and hade the time and the patience to let us get to know each other.. in a more deeper way.. if you know what i mean :P. I do hope to see you all on the 31st of October, when we are going to have fun again. Special Halloween party! :P
The recipe of the Magical Mistical Pussy (MMS), or How MMS's appeared Date: May 29th @ 4:35am EDT
Soo.. I am almost done with work for this day. Uhmm.. I feel soo tired and the only though i have is that i really need a bath, a massage, and a glass of wine, not particularly in that order hehe .. When i arrive home after such a long day, the road back home seems farther, and all that earlier though exchange in one single wish: I WOULD LOVE TO FIND YOU IN MY BED!! All that i wish in this moment, while i am still walking, and the road seems endless, is TO FIND YOU IN MY BED, almost naked, and to hold me next to you closely! Keep me tight near your heartbeat and KISS ME, TEASE ME, CARESS ME, DELIGHT YOUR MOUTH WITH MY BODY, and full all your senses with my whole existence.. I want you to TASTE ME ALL NIGHT.. let's leave all the stress behind us, and let's feel only pure joy, in the exact source of creation of joy hmm..
But since in my bed is no one to make this kind of things happen, i like to fill my bathtub with hot water and a looottttt of foam .. after the bathtub is fully filled and drilled with sweet steams that make my every pore relax and enjoy mmm ... i have to admit it, smells so good here, and this is finally what i've been expected all day long.. i get into the bathtub, i slowly and chronologically get my body in, and the fever and tremour of my pussy is absolutely excruciating.. this warm water definitely works her magic around my PUSSY SKIN .. I sit and open my legs slowly, letting the water FILL ALL MY HOLES, warming and embracing all my body.. mmm... this feels soo goodd.. i cannot wait and I TOUCH MYSELF, in a rushing manner that instantly switched my brain in feeling like there is YOUR TONGUE WHO IS FILLING MY SWEET PINK WARM PUSSY, mmm... like MMMM .......!!!!! this is soo goodd aaahhhhh ... I push without hesitation YOUR DICK INSIDE ME AAAHHHH... soooo ggooodddd... now you are giving me THE BEST ORGASM I'VE EVER HAD !!
... SSTTTT !! .....
With another girl... Date: Apr 26th @ 1:45am EDT
I've always had a kinkyer fantasy.. I'm a straight girl who would have loved to have sex with a girl i find just right. Little did i know It was actually going to happen. One day, my best friend at the moment wanted me to come by her place to get ready for clubbing together. That's when i met her sister. She looked at me in a way no girl⯠ever did before. We could both feel the sexual tension. She went out with us that night but went home early⯠and left me thinking just abour her. From that Day on i kept visiting⯠my friend everyday just to see her sister. Things got hot fast with her and we would end up fucking daily for almost a year. I never experienced orgasms so powerful from pussy eating⯠before. Everything she did felt 100 times more intense. I can still feel her hands just caressing my body and me finding her touch the most arousing thing ever...Things got so loud sometimes her entire family could⯠hear us.
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